The resource

Datasets in Esperanto can be downloaded using the link in the table below.
The extraction refers to the Esperanto Wikipedia dump dated September 4th, 2014.

Dataset Triples Download
Wikipedia templates 490424 ttl.gz
Infobox property definitions 9966 ttl.gz
Interlanguage links 1176964 ttl.gz
Wikipedia links 1361526 ttl.gz
Instance types 198458 ttl.gz
Wikipedia categories 455297 ttl.gz
Revisions 403317 ttl.gz
Categories taxonomy 160774 ttl.gz
External links 214959 ttl.gz
Redirects 142534 ttl.gz
Resource labels 340383 ttl.gz
Internal links 5084077 ttl.gz
Category labels 40565 ttl.gz
Page IDs 403317 ttl.gz
Revision IDs 403317 ttl.gz
Specific mapping-based properties 43 ttl.gz
Raw properties 1876347 ttl.gz
Mapped properties 27962 ttl.gz